Who We Are


Sapio follows a Strategic Design approach, viewing product design as a cross-organizational element that creates synergistic value for the company.


We offer comprehensive solutions for all aspects of industrial design, from initial concept creation, through product development and design, to preparing models of the final product.


Activities in this area are led by:


Eyal Ziv: A product designer with a degree in industrial design. Eyal has wide-ranging experience in industrial product development, production planning and control, and HR management.


Gali Hershenzon: A marketing consultant, specializing in market research and marketing strategy planning. Gali has extensive experience working with market-leading companies and organizations. She holds a BA in Psychology and Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an MBA specializing in international management & marketing from Tel Aviv University.





We believe that the combination of expertise in product design process together with market research and strategic planning, enables Sapio to provide significant added value and unique advantages:

  • Innovation – The marketing-business approach that accompanies the product design process from the very beginning enables Sapio to develop more creative and innovative solutions. These are based on a deep understanding of customer needs on one hand, and the company's goals and capabilities on the other
  • Practical Orientation – Sapio understands that creativity is an essential but insufficient factor inbringing a successful product to market. This is why we have a thorough understanding of technologies, materials and production processes, the ability to meet pricing and distribution requirements, as well as an in-depth knowledge of branding strategies
  • Efficiency – Providing all services under one roof enables Sapio to respond promptly to market developments, offer focused solutions, and cut costs
  • Synergistic Effect – Sapio's broad knowledge and diverse capabilities create the overall vision required for the design of an innovative product, suitable for industrial manufacturing with the highest chances of success