About Sapio

Sapio specializes in research-based consultancy identifying actionable consumer insights through the expert application of cutting-edge strategic marketing research.


We employ sophisticated research methodologies to transform raw data into a valuable strategic tool that supports every aspect of corporate decision-making.


Sapio provides comprehensive market research services that encompass wide range of methodologies: qualitative research, quantitative research, ethnographic research, design research, and integrative research, as well as a range of marketing strategy services, including marketing labs, strategic planning, and marketing consultancy.


Our extensive knowledge and experience, spanning every phase of the research and marketing process, represents a significant added value for Sapio clients.

The importance of this integration is frequently seen when we conduct a research project with a continual focus on the products required for the following phases of strategic planning or development of a creative brief.

This strength allows for better quality products while also saving on vital time and money resources


We take great care to seamlessly combine quantitative and qualitative methodologies, creating a dynamic synergy directly leading to in-depth comprehensive insights that support effective decision-making.


Constituting a significant competitive advantage, these unique capabilities, have formed the basis for the rapid growth of Sapio and the portfolios of leading companies that choose to use its services.


Sapio's activities are ably steered by Gali Hershenzon, who has been a leading marketing and advertising consultant for many years. Specializing in market research and strategic planning, Gali holds a BA in Psychology and Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. She also serves as a guest lecturer at Tel Aviv University's School of Management