Design Research


In light of the vital role innovation plays in achieving organizational growth on the one hand, and the high failure rate of new products and services on the other, design research has become in recent years a significant part of the development process. These studies complement classic consumer research and focus on the interaction between the consumer and products/services, specifically examining the personal and environmental factors that influence the user experience.


Design research is conducted using advanced qualitative and ethnographic methods and examines various relevant subjects, including:

  • Evaluation and improvement of prototypes
  • Usability of physical and digital products
  • Understanding the impact of different user interfaces on consumer experience, as well as overal attitudes and perceptions
  • Contextual and scenario testing
  • Evaluation of new packaging and labeling, including identifying connotations derived from visual objects (semiotic analysis)
  • Identifying issues, problems, and dissatisfaction factors in the use of physical and digital products