Quantitative Research

Sapio conducts quantitative consumer research studies over the internet and by phone, in addition to face-to-face interviews in various locations.


The use of quantitative studies allows us to obtain valid, statistically-reliable information and to evaluate various marketing indexes.


Sapio's services within the quantitative domain provide not only general data and descriptive findings, but mainly include practical tools and solutions for decision-making, as well as the development and formulation of various business and marketing enterprises.


Sapio's quantitative research services include:

  • Setting research objectives that will assist the organization in making relevant, actionable decisions and achieve clear business objectives.
  • Designing research methodology and optimal models for data analysis.
  • Writing the research questionnaire required to achieve the pre-defined objectives
  • Conducting fieldwork with the highest supervision and quality control standards
  • Detailed, comprehensive statistical analysis
  • Research report, with detailed findings and executive summery including the use of strategic and infographic models that enable:

- Focused insights converted into relevant, actionable, and applicable conclusions

- Smooth transition from the research stage to the strategic and implementation Phases

- Common basis for discussion among various parties in the organization

- Rapid, precise presentation for high level decision-makers in the organization