Integrative Research

One of Sapio's main advantages is the ability to fully integrate different research methodologies and information sources to achieve a comprehensive outlook and in-depth insights on the task at hand. 


Database analysis

Consumers currently produce large amounts of information at every point of contact with the organization and through various digital channels , including call centers, consumer clubs, websites, apps, online chats, company pages on social networks, and of course online discussions (blogs, comment sections, forums, social networks). Beyond monitoring and collecting information for different organizational needs, this data can be utilized effectively to generate many consumer and marketing insights related to the company and its competitors.


Sapio offers a variety of advanced methodologies for comprehensive integrative analysis of data from various sources and databases with finding from other research methodologies (quantitative, qualitative). This enables the organization to create its own added-values and gain a competitive advantage through improved knowledge of the consumers, and by providing them with a more relevant, precise response to their needs.


The data is presented through strategic, infographic models designed to clearly address the research questions and required business outcomes.


Analysis of Data from Existing Sources

Sapio's services also provide search and analysis of information from existing sources, including:

  • Shelf studies
  • Academic reviews
  • Branding and promotional materials


Analysis of existing data allows us to draw on the experience and knowledge accumulated throughout the world, understand the latest trends, set appropriate parameters, and thus save on resources.

The information is analyzed according to the objectives set by the company, and in most cases these studies are combined with insights gained from database analysis and/or dedicated quantitative and qualitative research. This integration enables connectivity between the external data sources and the specific Israeli market conditions, and conclude the optimal course of action for the short and long term.