Ethnographic Research


Sapio performs experimental and observational research in order to gain insight into the use of products and services in the consumer's natural environment.


Since the phenomena are recorded as they occur, the research is carried out in relevant locations such as: customer homes, points of sale/service, areas of use, and more. Furthermore, certain studies are carried out over the internet and by mobile phone, both to investigate digital information seeking and consumption, and as a convenient, intuitive method for self-documentation.


Sapio's ethnographic research services include:

  • Defining business objectives applicable to the ethnographic methodology
  • Designing a data collection procedure based on observation and interviews
  • Writing an evaluation script and, if necessary, interview guidelines
  • Recruiting participants and conducting fieldwork with the highest supervision and quality control standards
  • Documentation of interactions (recording and/or filming)
  • Writing strategic, infographic research reports, including detailed findings, typical documentation of interactions, in-depth analysis of consumer insights, conclusions, and action items