Qualitative Research

Sapio performs qualitative research via focus groups and in-depth interviews, employing a unique, advanced moderating and questioning methodology.


The company has a wide range of qualitative methodologies and research approaches for conducting discussion groups and in-depth interviews (mini-maxi, panel, virtual space, deep dive, metaphorical and archetypal studies, etc.), designed to provide the best solution for various marketing requirements and diverse target audiences such as: B2B, health, children & teens, and so on. 


These methodologies, combined with extensive experience and a thorough understanding of the marketing sphere, enable us to carry out applied-strategic research and derive the psychological and consumer insights essential to achieving defined business objectives.


Information obtained through both direct questioning and projective techniques designed to uncover hidden layers of considerations and preferences, is processed to deliver in-depth insights on a variety of subjects, including:

  • Mapping brand perception and market positioning
  • Understanding decision-making processes
  • Identifying unmet needs
  • Evaluating and directing innovations
  • Review and optimization of promotional materials
  • Development of digital assets
  • Customer experience and consumer journeys
  • Effective incentive methods


The analysis is performed from multiple perspectives, including verbal and non-verbal communication, assessment of discourse and response intensity, narrative and theme analysis, visual representation analysis, and so on.


The findings are presented through a concise, infographic design, including many examples and quotes. This makes the research insights and conclusions accessible to all relevant staff within the organization and facilitates their integration with other marketing processes.